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Keteleer Gallery

KETELEER GALLERY opened its doors in 2012 in Antwerp.
The following 7 years it organically evolved into a family driven business in which a dynamic and open contact
with the local and international artworld became its core focus.
The familial character translates itself in a warm and open environment, lowering the threshold to offer a refreshing experience to the broadest possible audience.

September 2019, KETELEER moved to a new space at the Pourbusstraat, in the South of Antwerp,
a well-known building where many galleries created a now famous history.
Centrally located between the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the M HKA, the Photo Museum and the ‘New South’,
this location is a symbol for new collaborations and the joining of both young and established,
forgotten and world famous, off-centre and leading Belgian and international artists.

October 2019, BREMDONCK, a new gallery space was inaugurated in the middle of the Peerdsbos forest of Brasschaat.
In this unique setting, the interaction between man, art and nature sets the tone.
A 14th century farmhouse was completely renovated, saving it from ruin, to create a history-laden backdrop for
site-complementary exhibitions while the surrounding nature offers the opportunity to explore a continuously evolving sculpture garden.

December 2019, KETELEER GALLERY started the continuation of the main representation of all of Deweer Gallery’s active artists and the Deweer Gallery Estate, consisting of the entire Deweer Gallery collection.
Out of a sincere admiration and respect for Deweer’s family, history and name in both Belgium and abroad,
all this operates as a close partnership with Gerald and Bart Deweer.
This latest venture is a conscious step towards the future – in keeping with the gallery’s international aspirations
– opening up new possibilities while ensuring the continuation of the important positions of artists that were represented by Deweer Gallery in Belgium.

October 2020, KETELEER GALLERY opened its 3rd gallery space in the historical buildings of Deweer Gallery. Platform 6A is a unique new project by Deweer Gallery Estate.
The empty spaces of the former Deweer Gallery are re-activated to create a brand new platform for artists. Platform 6a offers a new meeting ground and the opportunity to welcome collectors and art enthusiasts in a more personal way. KETELEER GALLERY takes on ‘room 3’ and will curate a minimum of 2 major exhibitions per year, consisting of a selection of works from its own program and from the Deweer Gallery Estate.

Pourbusstraat 3 – 5
2000 Antwerp – Belgium

T: +32 3 283 04 20

Tuesday – Saturday
10 – 6 pm